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Adopt a Cat or Kitten
Step 1:  Choose one of our kittens or cats on our
Adopt-A-Pet page.
Step 2:  Once you find a kitten or cat you would like to adopt, contact Donna at
Step 3:  You can complete the on line application here:
 Adoption Application and return along with a video walk thru of your home.  If you prefer we can email you the application in PDF form.  If your application is approved, we will set up a mandatory home visit to assess your living conditions, interview you further, and we will bring the kitten or cat you are interested in along to meet you.
Step 4:  If you are approved, a non-refundable fee is required to finalize the adoption.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come to your sanctuary to see what cats you have, and choose one I want? 
You may come to the sanctuary to see our adoptable pets AFTER you fill out our Adoption Application and after we set up an appointment with you. Your application must be approved prior to coming to the sanctuary. Please note: Most of the cats at our sanctuary have survived abusive, traumatic, or wild settings, and are therefore not suitable for life as a house pet. If you were to adopt one of these cats based on looks or "cuteness", chances are it would end up back at our sanctuary because it wasn't a good fit your family in the first place. If you would like to adopt a cat or kitten from our sanctuary, please browse our list on our Adopt-A-Pet account. 

I'm looking for a specific color / breed of cat, but you don't have it on your list. Can you contact me when you finally get the kind of cat I am looking for?
Unfortunately, we cannot personally email everyone who asks us if we've gotten a certain kind of cat in yet. However, you are welcome to check our Adopt-A-Pet account as often as you like. We also recommend that you try contacting other rescue groups in your area to increase your chances of finding the exact cat you are looking for.

I just adopted a cat/kitten from you. It's been hiding for days, and not eating much. What do I do?
Cats are a highly territorial species. A new place, full of new sounds, smells, and people, can be very scary for a cat. Many need a few weeks to start feeling comfortable in their new space. To help ease your cat's transition, we recommend that you quarantine them to one room for several days before gradually letting him/her into larger spaces of your house. Toys, exercise, treats, high-quality cat food, and brushing can help calm your cat. Avoid introducing your new cat to your existing pets for a week or two.


The cat I adopted from you isn't working out.  //  I have to move to a new apartment and my new landlord doesn't allow cats.
We at Happy Cat have a liberal Return Policy. If you cannot keep your cat and have no family members that can take your beloved pet in, for whatever reason--no matter how long you've had it--you can return it to the sanctuary. We prefer that you do this rather than abandon it at a kill shelter, on the streets, or in the woods. You will not be refunded your adoption fee, but you will have peace of mind knowing that the cat will be in a safe environment.  

If I adopt a cat or kitten from you, will it already be neutered / spayed and have all of its shots?
Yes! your Cat or Kitten will be Spayed or Neutered, vaccinated, SNAP tested and Microchipped. 

I have a dog(s). Do you have any canine-friendly cats that I can adopt?  
Most of our adult cats have never interacted with a dog in their lives.Therefore, our standard policy is that we do not adopt out adult cats to households with any dogs of any breed. However, we do adopt out KITTENS to households with gentle dogs, because kittens are young enough to adapt more easily and can "grow up" with your dogs. If you have dogs in your house, we urge you to apply to adopt one of our kittens. We will assess your dog(s) during the home visit.

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